Thursday, May 9, 2013

I, Pet Goat II analyzed

   Alright, for any of you who are new to this video, let me explain the basics. This video was created by the team at Heliofant Productions based out of Canada. They have previously done work for Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within as well as The Lord of the Rings. As to my knowledge, there was no motive stated as to why this short film was created.
    Upon my first time viewing it, I caught on immediately to the blunt and often disturbing symbolism. The first few segments feature a goat being held in a box behind a barbed fence who appears to be hypnotized and passive. (FEMA camps perhaps?). The goat as referenced in Matthew 25:31-33 of the bible, where it talks about during the end times, God separates the sheep from the goats. The goats are those who choose not to follow Christ and are cast into the enteral fire in verse 41. To explain all the symbolism and discuss it would be to long and extensive, so instead I will list off the various symbols and metaphors I found in this video. The rest... you will have to draw for yourself.

- Goat imprisoned (FEMA camps?). Notice the bar code on his forehead. (Mark of the beast?)
- Bush as a puppet being controlled by what appears to be a reptillian or demon like being whose hands are covered in blood. Notice while he dances, the spotlight is in the shape of a pentagram. The twisting of his head representing possession perhaps?
- The various depictions on the school walls and chalk boards. Indicating everything from locations on a map. Evolution scale depicting a goal to become enlightened. Burning houses. To a failed hangman game which clearly is meant to read "evolution."
- Obama who appears as a great deceiver and is frightened by the woman in white. (Revelation 12:1-2 tells us of Israel being described as such. Everything down to the 12 mannequins representing the 12 tribes of Israel)
- The apple she drops perhaps symbolizing Jesus Christ as it roles to the feet of Obama who gets nervous as it blooms into a lotus flower (divine representation). Also notice that there is a coin beneath Obama's foot.
- The camera pans outwards to reveal a world in complete despair. An American flag torn in two. And structures that resemble the twin towers collapsing. A masked man commits suicide as the camera continues to pan out to reveal Osama Bin Laden in CIA uniform. Notice the inverted and red Islamic crescent moon and his soliders dressed as rockets.
- A Christ like figure in a trance and riding in a boat that is based of the Egyptian god Anubis, appears just after the statue of liberty is seen crumbling ontop of the star of David (Anti-Semitic opposition to the US/Israeli alliance?)
- The new age symbols and crown of thorns on the Christ figures head.  
- A fetus being watched over by a TV snake hybrid which shows a reptillian or demon like eye watching over it
- The fetus appears to have been hatched and is now a child being fed by the TV monitor. The pyramid and all seeing eye on the dollar bill serves as the chin of the face given to represent the bankers.
- An Islamic temple being blown apart by jets
- A sobbing mother holding a child who has clearly died.
- A dark figure unwrapping cloth around an African American robot's pregnant stomach. Notice the skull & bones insignia on the shoulder of the figure
- A drowning hispanic man with a hammer and sickle. Definitely a communist reference.
- A rebellious young woman waving a white flag to four oncoming tanks. A nuclear symbol is painted on her cheek.
- Death (grim reaper esque) diverts her attention
- Fish mindlessly flop ontop the Anubis boat of the Christ figure.
- A catholic priest resides in a cathedral built to resemble male genitalia. The priest is transgender and clearly represents the catholic churches battle with sex and fornication.
- A figure with masks dances around a fire (Hindu goddess Shiva, a fish, a bear, and a bird)
- The Christ figure destroys ash made figures of wall street business men.
- The child from before is seen rising up and following him
- The dead boy that was being held by the sobbing woman is now risen from the grave and ascends upward in Islamic dance fashion.
- The Christ figure appears out of a tunnel and towards a bright sun, while a large church is seen crumbling in the background. His crown of thorns gone and fire burns in his eyes. Meteors shoot down from space and hit one of three pyramids seen in the distance.

    I have only covered the basics and I did not include many other minor symbols found in this video. IN the end, watch it for yourself and decide what you think.

- Tim


  1. the star of david was maybe a criticism about zionism controlling usa, rather than some antisemitic drivel which is very different.

    1. exactly... and alys in wonderland with apple and the 12 constellations and the white rabbit and the deer is a symbol of goddess diana and of the mother goddess, the mother of america, basically an european symbolism... nothing related to 'israel', which is the goat in the concentration camp with 666 and the bar code.

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